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    Cancel Culture is very real - the inquisition has returned

    Jimi Wikman


    Not a day goes by it feels like, without another angry mob lash out at someone online over an allegation or perceived misbehaviour.  People loose their income, their relations and some even take their own lives. The Cancel Culture has gone beyond cyber bullying and gone full inquisition. Burn the witch!

    To say that the Internet these days are hazardous to venture is an understatement. The social injustice mobs are everywhere and it seems any reference to race or incorrectness gain the response of blind hate with little to no reason. Sebastian Stan for example are under fire because his girlfriend posted a picture of her in Kimono going out for asian night. It's not even Sebastian Stan doing anythin wrong, but the mob want his head because of something his girlfriend did 2 years ago.

    Seriously, if clothes piss you off, then there is a whole fashion industry to be mad at...


    Ellen Degeneres is getting flailed over allegations of being a terrible person and J.K Rowling is called the transworld Voldemort because she has an opinion that is considered transphobic. Now why would you get upset over the fact that Ellen Degeneres alledgedly treat people poorly and unless you are a trans person why would J.K Rawlins poorly worded attemtps to explain her view on transgender issues offend you?

    You have literally thousands of people in management and leadership positions that are absolute assholes and I bet there are far worse things out there than Ellen Degeneres. That is if the allegations are even true, because as far as I know there are no formal claims of misconduct yet and even if there is, she has not been convicted of any wrong doing. You might want to wait for that before you light your torches.

    J.K Rawlins misguided view of transgender people is unfortunate, but how will burning her on the cross for heresy change things? Misguided and misinformed people need to be educated, not cancelled or having their lives threatened. If other people have opinions that you do not agree with then you discuss the matter with hem. You do not grab the pitchfork and put on your red robes of blind mindless  hatred.


    There are countless others as well like SayNoToRage that was accused for harassment by several women. Harassments that never was filed or investigated, but instead was spread around the community as being "true". Once made public by a tweet of all things the angry mob climbed on their high horses to crucify him, with no evidence or due process.

    While it may not be the direct cause of his suicide, the twitch streamer known as Reckless faced hate in his chat daily and he even begged the viewers to stop telling him to kill himself before he took his own life. Byron Daniel Bernstein as was his actual name died on July 2nd 2020 and was mourned by thousands online. He was only 31 years old.


    Stop Hating and start thinking

    I know the Internet is a place where hateful people roam free and trolls take out every frustration their actual lives subject them to, but please don't join them in their hate. People will do and say awful things. People will accuse others of wrong doing just to be mean or because they are hurt and they want revenge. This is why we have laws and processes to protect people from being falsely accused and to put those that break the laws in jail.

    Taking the law in your own hands and form lynch mobs online is not the answer. Reacting as if someone comitted murder and should burn by the hand of the inquisition because they have a different opinion than your own is not justice. It is madness and fanatisism. Although it is hard to conceive for many, you are not obligated to post every opinion and thought that you have online. It is fine to think or even say that you think someone is doing something you do not approve of.  You do not need to go online and publish it for the world to endure.

    If you are hurting because of things in your life, then ask for help instead of making things worse by hurting others. You can not counter hate and anger with hate and anger, it will only feed the negative spiral.  Just because no one hold you accountable for the hate you spread does not mean you are not responsible for the outcome. Proclaiming that you just expressed your own opinion becomes hollow when you express it to be read by thousands to whom you are considered a person of importance.

    You do not stop harassment by harassing others and trying to avoid being harassed by doing it first. That is how the Spanish Inquisition and the Nazis was created.

    Do good, not evil.

    ...and take off those damn robes and start thinking for yourself.


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