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  • My Personal Blog.

    This blog is where I place my own thoughts and reflections. For me this allow me to express things that are painful and frustrating, but also things that are amazing and put a smile on my face. This is me in my most intimate form.

    As a member of my site you are invited to get to know the personal aspects of me here. As I share my innermost hopes, fears and dreams I hope I can show you that you are not alone with yours. All people are complex and wonderful beings and by giving you a glimpse into me maybe I can make you see that in yourself as well.

    This is my heart I present to you. Please handle with care.

  • My Personal Blog

    “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

    ― Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles"

    Seeing clearly again - getting new glasses

    It has been a while since I wrote here, and it is because I have had this inner stress. A lot of things are going on in life right now, and it has affected me a bit more than I realized. This has caused me to end up in a state of frustration and sort of state of urgency because there are so many things all jumbled up in my head. With this in mind, I decided to take a first step towards making this better, and that is to get new glasses and slow things down a bit.
    Anyone who have followed my blogging over the years, or know me, also know that the first quarter of a new year is usually a more quiet period for me. Not only do my mind run all over the place with all the new things I want to do for the new year, but I also have a low period, since I have many memories related to this period. Finally, I tend to reflect a lot this period as it is the darkest time of the year, and it is a natural breakpoint for many things.
    I don't get depressed, though, just low on energy and focus inwards more. It is quite common for me to feel restless, like I do now, where I have a hard time focusing on one thing as my mind want to do many things at once. It may sound annoying to be fractured in your mind, and it can be. Furthermore, it also a time when I kind of collect energy for the burst of creativity that always seem to happen around this time, when the light returns.
    What I often do to transition from this inwards and chaotic period to the more focused and creative one is that I try to find one change to make as the catalyst. This year, that catalyst is to get new glasses. It is something that I have needed for a long time, but I have put that off because it is a very expensive experience and while I make good money, I have pushed that in front of me since I know the cost it will entail.
    This time around I went to Synsam in Vallentuna, which was my first visit there. As expected, I need multiple glasses, but what I did not expect was how good the experience was. Don't get me wrong, I have never had a bad experience getting glasses, or lenses, but this was by far the best experience I have ever had. Not only do I feel that testing my eyesight was better than ever, resulting in crystal clear reading, but the whole staff was above and beyond in their service mindedness. It felt great to be honest, and having my wife there to help select the frames was even greater.
    In a few weeks, I will have three pairs instead of one, which will be interesting. My current glasses are progressive, and they have served me well, but they are old and no longer fit me eyes properly. They are also broken and scratched, which makes for a less than enjoyable experience. So I really look forward to getting new glasses that are optimized for different things. I will get a pair of progressive glasses that are photochromic as my out and about glasses, one pair for working in front of the screen and one for reading.
    I am looking forward to these new experiences.
    Pun intended 😉

    Affixes and Prefixes for Roles and a bad start for The Flexible Atlassian Setup

    This week has been a bit up and down, but as always there has been progress. I feel that the need to define things are getting more and more important, so I have started working on the Flexible Atlassian Setup, with various degree of success. I also just added a new category in the Roles playbook for affixes and prefixes, which I also will add into the roles themselves. I have also updated the Fontawesome I use here and done a ton of bug fixes. I also have played a bit of Path of Exile, which has been frustrating and rewarding.
    The Flexible Atlassian Setup
    This has been a focus for me this week, and I have started to add some content to the playbook. I also recorded the introduction, which is based on a presentation that I made a new PowerPoint template for last weekend. As it has been a while since I recorded anything, I was pretty happy with the 30+ minute video, until I realized I had no sound in the video...
    So I will make a new attempt later for this. With sound checks.
    When it comes to the documentation, I am slowly adding that to the playbook. I have started adding the design principles, the issue types and the workflows, since those will be in the first videos. I am working on an update of the workflow design for Build that  have designed in Figma, and I will add details on the work processes soon. These descriptions will have references to Roles, so I also want to make sure I have a start on that database as well.
    The Roles database get affixes and prefixes
    The roles database is still in progress, but the base is there, and I just need to finish up the templating. This morning I added a new category that I want to focus on first, before adding more roles. This new category is for affixes and prefixes, which refer to where a role belong and what responsibility is expected. By defining for example what a leader or architect means, then we can better understand the roles that are constructed in a conflicting way. Like a Scrum Manager, for example, which is an oxymoron and an artificial construct that does not exist as a role in Scrum.
    Speaking of Scrum, I have a playbook planned for methodologies, but I have not yet decided on the format...
    Font Awesome 6.0 and bug fixes
    As you might have noticed, some icons have changed on the site, and that is because I have updated my kit to the 6.0 version that was released recently. I have also, slowly, been fixing bugs in the new templates, but also updated some things in the theme itself. This will continue for quite some time, as I have a pretty long backlog of bugs and theme changes that I need to do, mostly to the basic relationship templates.
    Skills database is in the works...
    I have started mapping out an embryo for this database, which I will need in multiple places, like My Projects and the upcoming People database. There will be a lot of categories for this, as I will try to keep the structure short and deep rather than long and flat. So I am starting out with four main sections: Tools, Methodologies, Areas of expertise and Social.
    Since Invision Community Pages does not have cascading custom fields, it means that each skill will need to have multiple items, one for each level of skill. I intend to start with three levels: Beginner, Experienced and Expert. I know there are other standards, but I feel these three levels fit well within IT where we also have three levels of experience for roles with Junior, Senior and Expert.
    Adding all of these will take quite a lot of time, but as I don't need to write a lot in terms of description for each skill initially, I think I just need to start mapping out the most common tools and methodologies and work from there. The format will be skill name and then level, I think, so something like this: "Adobe Photoshop - Experienced". I might play around with symbols as well, we'll see.
    Playing Path of Exile
    I have returned to POE again as this league looked fun and I don't really have anything else I feel like playing at the moment.  POE and I are always in conflict because I have this hate/love relation to the game. On one hand, I love the customization and the loot, but on the other hand, I can get really frustrated over the passive skill tree and the sheer complexity of the game.
    Last league I tried a toxic rain build and I liked it since it is more of a passive build, but this league I went for a Spark character as starter. While it is not bad, it is just spamming ark and overall it felt a bit lackluster. So I did a second character and went for a blade vortex build, which felt much better.
    I am just starting mapping and both characters had that same feeling when you kind of hit a wall with your build, and you just get frustrated.  Usually this happens in act 6 when your resistances drop like a rock, but I also felt it going into maps. This is because both these builds require a bit of investments to get their defenses up, and even with that they are not very tanky.
    With my blade vortex Occultist I had to re-gear pretty extensively to get battle ready as I had almost no defensive layers with less than 100 in armor, low evasion and maybe a hundred or so on Energy Shields. I also had I think 18% or so in fire resistance and did not cap out cold and lightning. I could still kill pretty much anything almost instantly, but I would also instantly die if I got caught with something.
    Now I have full 75% resistances and a decent chunk of armor, evasion and energy shield to take the edge off things. I will do some ascension paths today and level up a bit, so I can switch to the correct weapons I already have in store. I will also need to invest in the passive tree more to get the full effect of the setup.
    It is interesting though how life is often like POE...
    Life often feels like this as well, I think. You hit a plateau and life just become frustrating, then you make a few adjustments, and it is smooth sailing again.

    Let's build a reviews database for Invision Community Pages

    As the number of databases grow here, it becomes annoying to add the fields for reviews in each of them. So, to fix that, I am going to build a new database for reviews that I can then connect to different articles or products as I see fit. This will give a central place for reviews that is flexible and easy to extend.
    So what are we going to build?

    This is a basic design that we will start with, as I already have this design built. It comes with a headline, a summary,  a total review box, three headlines with ratings and a summary of how other people voted on the review. When writing the review, you will also have a long review text. This will not be a part of the review summary, however, but we will add a "See the full review" link to this design.
    For this to work, we will first set up the database and add the custom fields that we need. In total, we will have ten custom fields for the layout itself:
    Review Theme (so we can set the color theme) Review Headline Review summary Review Summary Rating Review Category 1 Review Category 2 Review Category 3 Review Category Rating 1 Review Category Rating 2 Review Category Rating 3 We will also need to connect the review to something, so there will be several custom fields for that. In my setup, I will attach the reviews to Articles, My Personal Blog, Products, Companies, Hosting, a generic one for the site and me and then I have two connections that I will need to build the databases for.
    In order for this to pass through properly, we will need to add a basic relationship template in my theme. I have written an article about that here, and I am working on another one in the Invision community Playbook.
    In each database item, we will be able to define the placement if we want to change it from the default, which will be at the bottom and we can also override the Review Theme if we want. This is so we can control the database items themselves.
    Things I have not tried yet....
    In the form, I want to try to limit the form so you only get one database relation instead of all options. Not only will it be a bit confusing to have multiple options, but it also opens up for other problems that I hope to avoid. The way I want to try to do that is to add conditions based on the selected category. This is since I plan to have the reviews database setup with one category for each database (so Product Reviews, Company Reviews and so on).
    I know I could do this with JavaScript, but I prefer to have this server side to prevent DOM manipulation from bad people 🙂
    If things go as planned...
    This should not be a very difficult setup, and I will use the same basic setup I already have with the Playbook templates. It will take some time as I am still down with what I suspect is Covid, so my brain is very slow and my energy levels almost nonexistent.
    But we will get there soon enough as long as we move forward 🙂

    JWSE 3.0 - a new structure and new features

    As the new templates start to get into place, I have started to look at the new structure of information here on the site. There are some areas that are underused and others that make more sense elsewhere. I also have a lot of new databases to add to get the infrastructure I want. It may seem daunting, but it's just invigorating to me, so it is all good!
    The new structure

    This new structure has been a work in progress and I will spend some more time with it as I add more databases and pages. As you might see here I have removed Writings as a main node as I have moved what used to be there to other nodes. I have also moved out Security as a primary section, and it is now a subsection under Operations. That is because I don't have enough knowledge or focus that motivates it being a primary node. Instead, I am adding Invision Community as a main node, since I am pretty much always working with it.
    New databases
    I am adding a lot of new databases based on this new setup that I have. It started with the Playbooks, that are already up and have some initial content to test things out. As I build these playbooks, I sometimes come across features that are best used as a separate database, as they will be used in multiple databases. It started with Countries that I use in the Companies database and that I will use in the upcoming People database.
    My next project will be to make a new database for the Reviews that I currently have built in as a ton of custom fields in some databases. Having this as a separate database makes more sense and since I can connect reviews between databases this will make things a lot easier. As all display templates now use the same template it is easy to decide what databases should be connected to reviews, by simply adding a custom field for database relation to the reviews database.
    Slow rollout
    The rollout of the databases will probably be a bit slow as I focus on some of them. This month, for example, I am focusing on the Playbooks and the video section. I am also putting focus on building the Atlassian section site so I have a starting point to work from. This page will be made up of multiple blocks, so I have some cleaning to do in my admin section to set a proper block structure and a proper pages structure.
    I also need to reorganize my Figma setup so I can design things faster in the future. As I have added more colors to the setup and now removed Security as prime section, I need to make some updates there as well. As you can imagine, this also ties into the CSS structure that I am planning out as well.
    So it will take some time, but I will get there 🙂

    Playbooks are inspiring - designing new templates for many areas

    The work with Playbooks are progressing well. I am iterating the display template a bit because I realize that it is probably going to be a new standard that I will use for many databases and not just Playbooks. This solves quite a few things that has had me stuck actually and it feels really great!
    I have set up several new databases to test my thoughts, and the reason for that is that I realized that the setup can be used for many scenarios. If setup correctly, it can also replace many of the templates I currently have, but it requires careful planning when it comes to what content should be coded in.
    Due to this new template being a bitt different in that it can, and will, be used in many databases, I am adjusting it accordingly. I am going to add a number of conditional fields so I can select them as I see fit for each database. For example, I am adding a parallax effect if the database have a top image and if not, then it will just show a colored background. Every top tab will also show or hide depending on if there are any entries or if the field exist.
    It is very fun, but also a bit challenging since I am pretty much hacking the design by breaking out of the container and it has certain...consequences 🙂
    Overall, though, I have not felt this excited in a while and I like it!

    Playbooks and how to implement them

    For a while now, I have been trying to iron out how to create groups of focused articles, or instructions. In many ways, these would be like small books of how to's, much like I have started for My Book and IPS Customization. After considering this for a while, I have decided to go for a different approach. I call them Playbooks.
    As part of the 2022 focus I will look closer at the Atlassian and Development sections, and in those I have 6 planned playbooks defined at the moment: Jira Cloud Playbook, Confluence Cloud Playbook, Invision Community Playbook, HTML Reference Playbook, CSS Reference Playbook and JavaScript Reference Playbook.
    As always, I will start slow and expand later. So I plan to take a look at the design I already have for Products and Companies and rebuild that for the display view. The databases already have a list of activities based on bugs and fixes I wanted to make, so it is not really a big change besides what I already had planned.  I will need to dive into some other database templates also however, or rather the database relationship templates.
    I was considering having one big database for playbooks, but decided to go for individual ones. One reason is that Pages only have two levels in the navigation widget that does not change as you go deeper in the tree. Another reason is that it is more difficult to make changes to the individual playbooks. This means that there will be a lot of databases over time, but I can live with that.
    I am planning this up using Clickup, which I recently started looking at. It is a very nice tool and I will write more about it in the future when I have had some time to play around with it some more.

    Gender pronouns and why they don't make sense to me

    For the past years, Gender Pronouns have been causing hate and confusion on social media. People have lost careers and even lives in the frantic screaming from both sides of the opinion pool. In this article, I want to sort through my own thoughts and hopefully rational minds on both sides can share their opinions to help me better understand this very confusing social phenomena. Please note that I do not claim to have any factual truths and that this is completely anecdotal seen from my perspective where I try to take the information at hand and apply logic as I see it.
    The issue of Gender is a bit tricky for me because it is not something that is used in everyday conversation in Sweden, and it seems to be mixing multiple things when screamed online. So, for the purpose of this article, I will define gender as well as a person's sex as I see it. Not as some form of truth, but as a starting point so we have the right foundation to stand on. For me to make sense, I am going to add a prefix and a suffix to extend the two terms to be more representative of the terms as I see them.
    Biological Sex - This is the genetic makeup of what makes us male or female. I know there are some claims that biologically we can classify people and animals into more than two groups, and I am open to discuss the validity of those claims if you so wish. Unless someone wants to claim that there is a strong social need to reclassify into multiple groups of biological sexes, which would require a complete rework of language, social structures, legalities, and scientific reclassification of the entire area of biology I think we can conclude that this is not a claim that will have any impact on this article.
    Gender Roles - Merriam-Webster define gender as "the behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with one sex". The way I see it, Gender Roles are defined socially in accordance with the geographical culture.  By that I mean that the definition of a Man for example will be different in Japan compared to Kongo, France, Sweden, or the USA. It will also differ if you look at how it is defined in big cities or in rural areas, for example. While we share a baseline definition, gender roles have multiple subareas that extends that. Things like profession, group affiliations such as sports or gaming, religion and many more all add nuance to the gender definition.
    Relation between biological sex and gender roles
    If you are still with me so far, then let us talk about how the biological sex is connected to gender roles. In my opinion, there is a direct connection between the biological sex and the corresponding gender role. A biological Male is defined by the gender role of a Man. A biological Female is defined by the gender role of a Woman. A gender role without a corresponding biological sex becomes problematic because we use the combination of both to identify other biological entities (people and animals).

    What I mean by that is that when our minds identify other people, we do that with the biological intent to determine if that person is someone we can reproduce with (attractiveness), but also if the person a competitor or threat. The way we do that is to first visually identify the person's biological sex based on physical attributes such as facial compositions, bone structure and muscle mass.
    To this we then add mannerism, body language and behavior to see if the person match our internal list of what potential partners should have. Once the basic attributes are fulfilled, then we look at the sub-definitions based on personal preferences.
    Based on this, I would argue that having a gender role that is not tied to a biological sex would simply not work.
    How about multiple gender roles for each biological sex?
    We actually already have that in a way with the extended gender roles. The base definition of what a man or a woman should have in terms of traits, behavior and cultural expectations differ depending on multiple factors and in practice we have multiple roles for man and Woman.  This does not however mean that we have multiple gender roles, only minor variations in the definitions of man and woman.
    We can see this by the fact that we can identify who is a man and who is a woman, no matter where in the world we go, despite the small changes to gender roles. I would argue that this is because the biological sex is a very important part of gender roles, as it defines our physical traits.
    Transgender and their gender roles
    My definition of a Transgender person is that it is a person that is the happiest living according to the gender role opposed to their biological sex. So, a biologic male living as a woman, or a biologic female living as a man. I do not think physical alteration is a criterion for being transgender, as that is invasive and expensive, so not everyone is able to perform those surgeries.
    I also think that anyone trapped inside their biological sex due to legal and social nonacceptance are transgender, even if they are unable to live according to that gender role.
    This definition means that we can easily map between the biological sex and the gender role. We just cross over to the opposite gender role instead.

    A Neutral Gender Role?
    As I have stated earlier, I do not see a gender role without a corresponding biological sex as a valid option. A Neutral gender role however do have its place, but not as a gender role per se, but as an undefined gender role. This can be useful as a temporary substitute when a person's biological sex is unknown, or if a person just don't fit into the general roles of man or woman.

    Biological sex is hard to determine
    In the event that gender role is hard to determine because it is difficult to match the biological sex, this could be useful. This is usually because a person have mix of physical traits that are both resembling male and female traits. It can also be when gender roles are confusing, like having a full beard while otherwise perceived as woman. In this case, it could be useful to have a temporary undefined gender. Once the person's biological sex has been discovered, this would no longer be useful, which is why it is a temporary replacement.
    There is a risk however that this would feel offensive, so just asking or making a guess, as we do now, might actually be a better choice?
    It's none of your business...
    There are some situations when we are required to fill out information about ourselves where an option to not disclose our biological sex or gender role might not be a bad idea. I do not think this is a good idea for situations where your biology actually matter, like medical information. It will most likely have other implications as well for things like insurance and legal situations, so it may be limited in those situations.
    There are people that do not feel comfortable using the standard definitions of man or woman, but rather seek to break this norm. This includes clothing, physical appearance, behavior and more. For these people, I think it makes sense to have an undefined gender role, especially since many of these people can also be difficult for others to determine what biological sex they belong to.
    Transgender and the undefined
    Earlier, I said that my definition of transgender people is that an individual cross over to the opposite gender role from their biological sex. For me, I do not see choosing to be undefined as a transition or transformation of gender. I base that on the fact that choosing not to be defined is not something I consider a transformation to another gender. It is simply defying the gender roles defined by society and biology, which is more an act of rebellion than one of transformation?
    I know there are quite a few people out there that do not agree with me on this, but consider for a moment the difference between transitioning to the opposite gender role and wishing to be undefined of any gender role. Will both groups benefit from having one identity that defines them, or does it make sense to speak for each group separately? Perhaps introducing a new term for the undefined, like Un-gendered would make sense and can improve conversations in some cases? As an outsider it makes sense to me, but ultimately it is up to members of these groups how they wish to represent themselves.
    I might be completely wrong about this, and I am open to changing my mind if you want to present arguments that oppose my current view.
    Gender Pronouns, where do they fit in then?
    This is where I start to struggle because as far as I can see Gender Pronouns do not fit in the structure defined above. Gender pronouns are presented as Gender Neutral, which suggests they are detached from both gender roles and biological sex. This suggests that these gender pronouns do not refer to:
    Physical traits Mannerism or body language Behavior Cultural expectations Psychological traits Consider the definition that "Genders are classes of nouns reflected in the behaviour of associated words", this does not seem correct. Gender Pronouns seem to relate to behavior, which is a part of gender roles, which in turn relates to biological sex. The idea of removing that behavior and instead impose a set of gender pronouns with, what I perceive to have no actual grammatical, importance as undefined tokens is something I can not really wrap my head around?
    If we consider adding an undefined gender role, then all these new gender pronouns would fall under that as far as I can see? This since the definition seem to be that they are presented as gender-neutral. Since these new gender pronouns seem to also be undefined, meaning that the words themselves have no descriptive definition, I conclude that these are simply different names for this undefined gender role?
    So then the question is, what are these new gender pronouns, and how do you use them in any language structure?
    How will this be implemented?
    Because this is what we are talking about after all, to change the language structure of all languages in the world. A pronoun is defined in each language in the form of grammar rules. Every language in the world has these rules and what we are talking about is adding a set of what I perceive to be an unlimited arbitrary set of new pronouns.
    While every language has its quirks and several areas where logic are absent, I fail to see how we will define these new pronouns in a way that make it possible to not only add it to any form of grammatical rule, but also how to add it to our schooling system? Who will oversee defining these new pronouns, how do we translate them into all languages and how do we deal with languages where this might clash with the entire foundation of the language?
    There are languages where introducing these gender pronouns will be a problem because they are either genderless, or do not have gender pronouns. Even English seem to lack grammatical gender, which makes the argument to implement these new gender pronouns even harder to understand.
    If they do not relate to anything, what are they?
    This is the hardest thing for me to grasp. Because if they are just words, with no relation to anything, then what are they? When I use, he or she I use them to refer to a person’s gender, which in turn refer to their biological sex. If I use an undefined pronoun, like we have in Sweden , then I use it either to obfuscate a person's gender (for legal reasons for example) or because I am unsure of the person's gender role.
    I do not see any way to manage an extension of this undefined pronoun that to me seem arbitrary and random. In many ways it reminds me of titles for royalty, which to most people outside of the royal family is difficult to understand. Even those though have rules that define the usage and the new gender pronouns do not as far as I can see?
    If I do not understand how to use these new gender pronouns, then how can I adapt them into my language?
    Things that are undefined cause frustration
    As humans we react to things that are unknown as potential threats. This trigger our fight or flight instincts and we react with avoidance or aggression. I fear that by introducing the new gender pronouns the way some people do on social media is causing a great deal of harm to the Transgender community. I also think it alienates the un-gendered in ways that I am sure have severe consequences.
    While it is easy to point your fingers to those that oppose these new gender pronouns, it does nothing to help the situation. It only make it a lot worse and I think most of us agree that the transgender community do not need more struggles in their lives?
    By this I do not mean that you should bow down and just drop gender pronouns to make life easier. I suggest that you take a step back and try to explain the value the new gender pronouns have in your life and then find a way to explain the logic behind them.
    The cure of all bigotry and hatred is understanding.
    If it makes you happy, then by all means, use Gender Pronouns!
    In no way do I presume to tell you how to live your life. If using gender pronouns make you happy, then by all means use them.
    All I ask is that you do not spread hate to those that do not understand the logic or agree with it. I know that conversation about this is not easy, and you will face people that spread hate, but I promise I will listen if you are willing to talk to me. Openly or in private as you feel comfortable.
    My mind and heart are open for you to help me make sense of gender pronouns.

    Finally upgraded - the new desk is amazing!

    Yesterday, I ripped down my old desk setup and rebuilt it with my new desk. It took a while and there was some cursing due to some cable management not working as anticipated. Overall, though, things turned out pretty good and while I have some final touches to do, I love the new setup.
    To say that it takes a while to rip down a desk when you have a 48-inch TV as monitor with a 27-inch side screen and a video setup with camera and lights is an understatement. Still, it is satisfying to take everything down and make a full reset. Even if it gets a bit messy at first...

    The new desk is a lot sturdier than the first one, and it is 20 cm wider. I also get a nice walnut color, which is really nice. Cables are still all over the place, but I will fix that next week when I get the shipment from Amazon. I also have some felt coasters, an iPad stand and some plants coming, so then this will come together even more.
    With this upgrade I now feel much better about making videos and hold education since I now have a decent camera, a good microphone and a setup that allow me to engage a bit more than sitting with the side to the people watching. I will play around with this during the weekend to make sure everything is ready for the education I will hold on Monday.

    I will get a new mouse pad since the one I have is a bit dirty, and it is nice to switch things up a bit. I will probably try an LTT Northern Lights desk pad since it fit my theme pretty well. I also have an Ikea lamp on my wishlist. I am looking at Hektar to stand to the left of the desk, this would not only add a bit of extra light in three directions, but I can also use it as a rim light when facing forward and as a side, or key light, when shooting from the side.
    Eventually I might invest in a camlink for the camera, but I think it's best if I learn how to use the camera first. I also consider getting a new chair. I am looking at a Titan Evo 2022 from Secretlabs, but I am still doing some research. Probably going to pick up some new headsets as well, since mine are broken and probably will fall apart sooner rather than later.
    For now tough, I am very happy with my setup of my homeoffice!

    Going full YouTube - world of Video here I come!

    In the past weeks, I have gone from having a webcam setup for presenting my education sessions to complete madness. It has snowballed and I am now waiting for another shipment of things to set up for a full-fledged studio setup. I have even set up my old YouTube channel finally and have a pretty big list of topics to place there. In short, I am going full YouTube, and it is something I have been considering for a very long time. I guess it felt right now for some reason.
    Besides ordering everything from microphone to camera to lightning, I also have made some small investments into assets for Adobe Premier pro. While they are probably not necessary, I feel like trying some things out with proper gear rather than going in half-baked. Well, at least as far as equipment goes. I still need to learn how to do videos properly, since it is a lot different from holding education sessions. I also need to learn the tools, and it will take a while to learn how to use Adobe Premier pro and OBS to its full potential.
    Furthermore, I threw out a test shot using nothing but webcam and no real settings for microphone at all. It is bad, but not terribly so. I still feel awkward talking to myself, but it gets easier, I feel. I also had the beginnings of a bad cold, which you probably can pick up in the video. Right now, I can barely speak...
    Later this week I will do a full rebuild of my desk to set things up, and I have not yet decided if I should invest in a new desk at the same time. There is nothing wrong with my desk, but it is a bit short and I would like to have that walnut desk top. I am also considering getting a desktop that is arched with a short extra right side. Not sure if that would work in my very limited space, but I am considering it.

    I am also contemplating getting a new chair since this one is a bit stiff and I do have lower back issues to consider. Not sure what to get, though, so I'll hold off for now. I might get something like the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022, but I have not decided yet. For now, I'll keep my existing one and focus on other things, like how to fit a good camera angle with a 48-inch TV as monitor...
    That is probably my biggest issue right now, since my lighting setup will be very dependent on how I set up my camera. With a 48-inch TV, standing on a small shelf as well, I tend to look up towards the top of the screen quite a lot. My face is in a pretty good spot facing the center, or slightly above the center of the screen, but to get to the top of the screen I have to tilt my head up a fair bit.
    Having a camera at that height might look weird. Like me looking up towards the people watching the video or stream. I do have a second camera for screen sharing, so maybe that will be less of an issue than I imagine it. Once I get the new camera and have it setup, I might make some changes due to this. Things do get a bit tricky when you have limited space, sitting in a little cave where your closet used to be in your bedroom.
    Anyway, first I need to get this sore throat taken care of, then I'll just focus on making content and let things evolve from there. I do not expect to become a huge YouTube star anyway, just to publish some instructional videos here and there.
    So, off we go 🙂

    Office upgrades and Youtube - planning for more video content

    This week I did some upgrades to my home office. I added a second screen, purchased some lights and did a big investment in a green screen. This adds some useful tools for me, so I can not only do my job better, but also start working on some video content for the website. The green screen require some commitment as it is not something you throw up in a hurry for a video call, but it is pretty great for what I plan for the future. So let us dive into it.
    A second screen
    Adding a second screen to my setup was not really planned. Previously I had my MacBook on the side and the plan was to use it for quick calls. It worked fairly well, but since I already have a camera setup that is a lot better than the camera on the MacBook, it was kind of redundant. So I just got an idea to try out having a second screen when I was browsing for some additional lights to add to the camera setup. I stumbled upon a portable external screen that looked pretty cool and since I had a screen standing in the closet I figured I would just see if it worked y removing the laptop tray and place a VESA mount instead.
    As it were, it turned out great, and it did not take very long to plugin. It's still a mess with cables, but I'll fix that later!
    The benefits with having a second screen are many, but for me, I now have a very good way to have the overview I need for when I hold my training sessions. I installed a little program that give me a clock that I can place above content and when I use Teams I can move the overview and the chat to the secondary screen. I can also put my notes there instead of writing them down on paper, or use my iPad. This give me a far better overview of what I am doing, and I can see if someone raises their hands or write in the chat.
    When I eventually will make more video content I can also see what the recording, or streaming looks like.
    When I do not hold lectures or do video content, it is a great place to have things like my Teams and Email, so I always see if someone need me. I am also testing out Tasks, which was actually much better than I thought, since I can very easily switch between accounts. I also see it inside Outlook in the task bar, which is great. Anything I flag in emails, I can also sync with Tasks which is awesome. The only downside is that Outlook does not work with private accounts, but I can live with that.
    Overall, I am super happy with the second screen.
    Bright light, but not enough
    My home office is dark, very dark. So in order to get some light for video, I bought an Elgato Key Light. It is indeed extremely bright, and it works great for training sessions in Teams and things like that. When I pull up the green screen, however, things are still too dark for the green screen to work properly. I can still make it work by doing some tweaks in OBS, but I will probably add more light sources eventually to increase the light in the room. It will also help prevent sunburn from the super bright Elgato Key Light.
    I could have bought the Elgato Key Light Air, which was almost half price, but I don't have a lot of space on the desk, so I decided to pay some extra for that reason. The Elgato Key Lights come with an app to control the lights, which is nice.
    Elgato Green Screen
    The Elgato Green Screen is pretty awesome, as I can easily pull it out and put it back in seconds. No need to use clips or mounts, just pull up and shoot, then pull down and stash away. It was not cheap, but the investment feels motivated since my home office is in the bedroom and I will save on time and comfort instead.
    It is a bit tricky to set up since space is very limited, and I need to have it at an angle since the camera is also at an angle and I have a wall in that direction. I am considering if I should switch sides on the setup, since that would remove the need to put the green screen at an angle. Probably will test that when I get the new desk top.
    YouTube plans
    I already have my YouTube Channel ready, so it is just a matter of using it properly. I have made some tests and so far things look pretty good for what I plan to do later. I have several ideas on what I want to do, and I will start out with a Jira and Confluence series on how to set up Jira and Confluence. Furthermore, I also plan a few videos for Invision Community on how you can use Pages and how things work in terms of code and so on. Finally, I wonder if I want to add sort of a rant/opinion where I talk about different topics, like the communication failures of Atlassian and Invision Community this week.
    We'll see what I come up with, but I will start with Atlassian guides for Jira and Confluence. I do not aim to be a big YouTuber so I'll just try to have fun with it.

    Roles - a much needed database it seems

    In the past couple of weeks, I have had several interesting conversations about weird new roles and fields of work. Some are downright silly, like the UI Engineer, while others just seem unnecessary, like the field of Development Experience (DX). What is clear though is that people, especially from the USA it seems, have no idea what titles are in their field, so they make things up. This means that without definition work titles are pretty useless and this is where a proper database where we define roles will be important.
    While I find it interesting how young people, especially in the US, have an almost absurd desire to name themselves with titles of self-importance, it does cause a lot of confusion in the industry. Poor understanding of the work itself from the employers, and to some degree the people, is bad enough. It does not help that we add titles that make no sense or even add to the confusion.
    Hopefully we can create a database over these strange new things and evolve them together, since some new names is actually not that bad and others already exist and need to be adjusted. I already have the base, so it's just a matter of getting things put together and styling it. Unfortunately, I do not have an abundance of time right now, so it will be when time permits.
    Always moving forward though 🙂
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