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    5 awesome persons in this category

      Sophie Garcia

      Experienced Marketing Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Photography, Coaching, Advertising, and Sales. Strong arts and design professional graduated from Medieskolan.

      Victor Aflarenko

      Hi! I'm Victor Aflarenko, a Swedish guy who is very passionate about music and graphic design.
      I love what I do, this is my passion. My inspiration comes from everything between music and buss rides.

      Micke Alm

      I've worked in UX for close to a decade coming from a front-end development background. I've been a prototyper, designer, manager and lead, and I love all of it. I always promote team-work and collaboration, and I truly believe the best products are built together.

      Emil Eriksson

      I am a curious problem solver with a passion for understanding human behavior. It is my belief that an awesome product is one that not only is functional and usable but also meaningful to the user. The product is inline with the business goals and are using the right technique to get the job done.

      A great product or service should exceed your customers expectations and make them feel good using your products. When we put the user in the front seat and observe and learn we can build products and services that is actually meaningful to the user.

      When we design meaningful stuff, we have a good chance to provide a great user experience giving value to both users and customers.

      This is my passion, this is what I do as a consultant.

      UX in practical terms:
      Target group analysis Workshops, Ideation, Design studio, Stakeholder interviews Field observation and interviewing Effect mapping, Set up UX metrics Behavioral modeling (Personas, etc) Content strategy Concept creation Interaction design Usability testing Customer journey Prototyping
      UX in a more strategic role:
      Helping customers start up UX teams UX Roadmap. Presenting UX and how you can get ROI Business development and UX

      Mattias Berkesten

      I am a happy and active person who likes to take on challenges and puts a lot of focus on achieving good results. I enjoy working both individually and in groups and like to direct and create structure, which has resulted in me taking on a leadership role in several projects. My previous work has taught me the importance of providing good service and listening to the customer's wishes, which is also a central part of the role of Interaction Designer and Consultant.
      What drives me is my willingness to help others solve problems, especially in the areas of usability and user experiences. In the future, I see myself working on the development and design of technical artifacts and systems, both in terms of graphical interfaces and different interactions.
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