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  • I am Jimi Wikman.

    An experienced consultant with hands on experience in all areas of the development process. With 25+ year experience in front end development, 20-year experience in graphic design and requirement management as well as many years in testing and operations I know what you face on a daily basis in development processes.

    A strong willed and open person that care about individuals and making things better in the world. Generous and open minded I try to share erverything I know so others may become better than me in every way. I am passionate about my work and to always give my best.

    Contact me Read my Blog
  • Holistic Consultant.

    An holistic consultant is someone that have the experience and skill of multiple areas so they can see things from a holistic perspective. Most people have experience from two or three areas, which is a source of great strength as you can see and understand the work from more then one perspective. I have many years hands-on experience from all of the main areas of the build process.

    I started as a frontend developer and designer way back in 1996, started my own hosting and webdesign company in 2006, was hired as a conversion expert with speciality in psychology in 2011, tester in 2013, teamlead and scrum master in 2015 and then Atlassian expert with speciality in work processes since 2016. I build and train people in portfolio management and I have a keen interest in security and legal matters.

    No matter what roles you put in a room I can discuss any topic and understand the pain points of everyone in the room. This is my greatest strength as an Holistc consultant.

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    • Project Manager
    • Team Lead
    • Scrum Master
    • Requirement Analyst
    • Business Analyst
    • Interaction Designer
    • UI designer
    • UX Designer
    • Frontend Developer
    • Test Leader
    • System tester
    • Acceptance Tester
    • Release Manager
    • Webhost
    • Product Owner
    • System Admin
    • Atlassian Coach
    • Neurowebdesigner
    • CRO specialist
  • Want to hire me?

    As a senior consultant I am always interested in helping others. That is the main reason I remain a consultant rather than taking on a fixed employment. This means that I am always open to new projects, but I may not always be available. My skills and my unique experience are in high demand, but I always try my best to help out where I can.

    If you have an assignment where you think I could make a difference, then feel free to contact me. If I am not able to help you I will do my very best to see if I know someone else that can. Just click the button and we can have a conversation about what you need and how I can help.

    Let us have a chat
  • Picture of Katrin Lundgren - CEO and owner of Kodmyran AB

    Katrin Lundgren

    CEO and Owner of Kodmyran AB

    My Review of Jimi Wikman: I have worked with Jimi in a number of projects, and I find him very professional. He does great designwork and he also knows a lot about usability and internetsolutions in general. He is very helpful and always ready to give advice, tips and suggenstions when someone needs his help.

    I highly recommend him.

    - Linkedin, 2007

  • Jimi Wikman holding a presentation on Neurowebdesign.
    Jimi Wikman working on the farm with his father and brother.
    Jimi Wikman at a party drinking Ädelvisp

    My Story.

    My story is both long and strange, but it is a life I have no regrets from. This section will give you some glimpses into who I am and what I have been through over the years. So if you want to know about my childhood and how it turned me into the person I am today, then you will find it right next to my professional background.

    At the moment I am working on the section about my history, so I can not show it to you just yet. It will be here soon though, so be patient!

    Jimi Wikman's Story (coming soon)
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