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    My story started back in 1974 when I was born. I was raised by two loving parents and a grandmother that meant the world to me. When I was 8 my brother David was born and we moved to the small village Djura. Here I grew up on my family's farm until I met my wife at the age of 20 and moved from home with her. I spent my younger days after i finished school doing all kind of jobs. I have had jobs such as hotel night clerk, personal assistant, librarian, video rental clerk, IT guide at the library, lumberjack and so on.

    In 2006 I went back to school and first took a course in System Science and later also Graphic Design. 2006 was also the year I started my own webdesign and Hosting business. In 2006 my son Benjamin was also born, making the next 5 years hectic and interesting to say the least. Then in 2011 my brother David was found dead in the snow and I decided that a change was needed. For almost a year I said yes to everything, inspired by the movie Yes Man.

    I ended up doing some strange things and eventually I ended up facing one of my greatest fears. I was standing on stage at a E-commerce event and presented Neurowebdesign and Gestalt theories for designing for e-commerce. It turned out to be a huge success and I was invited to Klarna by thier CEO Sebastian, but also to E-Handelsdagarna in Borås that is a huge event.

    At Klarna I got a job as a webdesigner, but before the contract was signed I went to Borås where me, @Mattias Pihlström and Arne Andersson reviewed e-commerce sites on stage. Again I was overwhelmed by the response and I got a job offer from Mattias and his business partner Karl Moberg. After some thinking I decided to go with Mattias and Karl as I liked their company Brightstep that was more diversified than Klarna at the time.

    So I became a consultant.

  • My time as a consultant at Brightstep was amazing. It was beyond a shadow of doubt the best company I have worked with so far and much of that was because of the people. I started out as a conversion rate expert with digital design as a complement. I even started by bringing in two project before I even started!

    As the market was still quite new to E-commerce conversion rate optimization was not really top of mind. With focused experts like @ChiefConversionista that I was collaborating with on a very early project picth it became harder to get clients. Brightstep did not really have the understanding or the sales organization to focus on this area, even if they tried their very best.

    I had some clients I chased down myself, like Pricerunner and Trygg Ehandel, but as time passed I was asked if it would be ok to help out in other areas. Since I love learning new things and I was never forced or pushed, I was happy to try new things and help out where ever needed.

    So I started working with test and requirement.

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