I Think I will – Poem

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En lite historia som jag skrev för många år sedan som nu får återse dagens ljus efter att ha försvunnit i ett plattformsbyte. Den är på engelska, men jag hoppas att det ska fungera ändå.


I look at the bills before me and frown,

I ponder on my life, feeling stuck and lost,

I rage against the world that changes,

I get frustrated over not being in shape.


Then I remember.


I remember that there are those in the world that have no money,

I remember there are those that have no life or hope of one,

I remember that in some parts of the world change never happens,

I remember that there are those that starve to death.


Then I feel ashamed.


What problems could I possibly have that others do not face a thousandfold each day?

Our world is ravaged and exploited, man and beast alike are tortured and killed,

greed and envy break bones and kill infants before they are even born.

What could I possibly have to complain about that could rival the fate of others?


I am blessed.


Not just with a healthy and protected life,

but with freedom others only dream about,

food, water and shelter I take for granted,

while others starve, die of dehydration or face the elements without protection.


I look in the mirror.


I no longer see the jagged edges of my existence,

I see the things that make me whole.

I see family, friends, peace and comfort,

and I know that I am truly blessed.


I look outside my window.


Out there people are hurting,

out there people are hungry,

out there I can share my good fortune,

I can reach out and make a difference.


I think I will.

Om författaren: Staff Jimi Wikman

Jag heter Jimi Wikman och jag jobbar till vardags med större svenska e-handelsföretag i varierande roller som Projektledare, scrum master, grafisk designer, frontend utvecklare, kravanalytiker och Neurowebdesigner för att nämna några. Jag föreläser och utbildar inom design för e-handel och så skriver jag en del här om allt mellan himmel och jord.